How Advertisers and Marketers Infect Social Media Users with Viral Marketing during Halloween

This Halloween, social media will be flooded with scary and spectacular content. On Facebook, timelines will be inundated with pictures of adorable children Trick or Treating and Buzzfeed lists centered on the holiday. Instagram feeds will feature so many spooky selfies, some users may avoid logging in for a few days. America is obsessed with sharing, and Halloween allows us all to indulge our vanities and share our scares with the world.

In this technological age, it’s hard to truly frighten each other. Around this time every year, marketers and advertisers seek to create content that draws on the atmosphere of the Halloween holiday. Some of the best campaigns create content that is so scary or disarming it goes viral and permeates through social media channels. Below are some of the best examples of chilling viral content seen during Halloween:

Take This Lollipop

Mom always taught us not to take candy from strangers. But what happens when you are taking the bait without even knowing? In this social media heavy society we are so willing to share information that we may unwittingly invite strangers into our lives. The site, which went live in October of 2011, asks visitors to allow access to his or her Facebook page. What follows, once access is granted, is a short video featuring a man stalking all of the public life details available on the user’s Facebook page. According to director Jason Zada, the short film is meant to “underscore the dangers inherent in posting too much personal information about oneself on the internet.”1 The site itself did exceptionally well considering no marketing tactics were used to promote it. Within a week of going live the film had been viewed 7 million times.1 Click the link above to experience the film for yourself. I strongly suggest wearing a diaper if you dare to do so.

LG’s “End of the World” Prank

File this under funny: a Chilean ad for the electronics company LG features the most frightening of job interviews. The company installed a large screen TV in what had previously been an office window. During the interview, the “window” shows a meteor hitting the city. Hilarity ensues. Check out the video on the Daily Mail’s website.2

Telekinetic Coffee

For most people, any normal human interaction before their morning cup of coffee is almost unbearable. But what about paranormal interaction? In anticipation of the Carrie remake, MGM decided to bring telekinesis to your local coffee joint. Production teams set up a pulley system and placed actors within a coffee shop in NYC. An altercation between the actors ensues, and one of them ends up flattened against the coffee shop’s wall. The reactions of the surprised witnesses are priceless. As of October 30th, the video has been viewed more than 46 million times.

Putting the “Trick” in Trick or Treat

Full disclosure – this video is not one bit scary unless you despise children and watching people vomit. Oral hygiene and candy consumption never go hand-in-hand, and Halloween has long been the plague of healthy teeth. Colgate and Oral-B teamed up to show that the only thing scarier than a cavity is Halloween without candy. Enjoying children freak out over eating tofu ghost-mallows may be sinister, but it sure is funny.3

By Caitlin Rahter, Account Executive



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