It’s been 3 months since we launched the Star Life Sciences Medical Monitor™. Doesn’t seem like a long time until you think about where we were then…

Ninety days ago, the Phillies were still winning the occasional game, and the East Coast was yet to be doused by the wettest June in memory or baked by the fiercest heat wave in years. Three months ago, I’d never heard that Robin Thicke song, Steve Ballmer was President for Life at Microsoft, and Miley Cyrus was just a little eccentric.

In the three months since we opened our doors, we’ve had more than 1,800 visits to this site, and our visitors have over 3,500 pages. Our staff has written more than 20 original posts about a broad range of topics, from the role of mobile devices in modern medicine to EHRs to the Affordable Care Act to pharma reps. We’ve launched our Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ pages/profiles, and we’re using them to follow the many healthcare conversations taking place around the world.

We’ve done it all using nothing but the talent, time, and dedication of the Star Life Sciences staff. Objectively, I can look at these results and say, ‘we’ve done a great job.’ But what I’m going to say is, ‘we are going to get better.’

Now that we’ve got 90 days of performance to review, we’re going to make adjustments—to our content itself and to the way we present it—to make Star Life Sciences Medical Monitor™ the most topical destination on the web for information and opinion on the ever-changing world of healthcare and life sciences.

We’re on a mission to help our friends in the life sciences industries make sense of the whirlwind of change that’s approaching. We’re going to sharpen our focus on analysis, because our readers don’t want another news aggregator—you want insight on the implications of the events of the day, you want to know how it affects your business, or practice, or institution.

Ninety days from now, we will have some idea of the public’s enthusiasm for the state and federal healthcare exchanges. We’ll see what the flu season has to offer. There will be court cases and patent issues and rear-guard actions aplenty. The Eagles will be fumbling their way to a 5-win season. And we will be here to tell you what it all means. Well, not so much the Eagles.

By Timmy Garde, Managing Partner

About Tim R. Garde

Tim R. Garde is the Chief Operating Officer of Calcium and is relentless in his pursuit of excellence in life sciences communications. Tim couples decades of experience in brand launches, patient communications, healthcare professional initiatives, payer strategies, and retail distribution with a passion for digital innovation as a way to improve patient outcomes. Above all, Tim believes that a team-focused, collaborative approach allows team members to shine, and delivers the best value and quality to his client. Tim's industry leadership activities include being a member of The 2012 Top 100 Most Inspiring People in the Pharmaceutical Industry, PharmaVoice July/August 2012, and regular speaking/lecturer engagements regarding healthcare and digital marketing. Tim earned his BS degree at the Smeal College of Business, The Pennsylvania State University, and he also attended The Wharton School Executive Business Program. He currently serves on the Smeal Alumni Society Board and Board of Visitors for the Samson Colleges of Health Sciences, University of the Sciences.

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