This year’s ePharma is off to a great start. I had the honor of giving a brief talk on the value of digital video for healthcare marketers, and I got a lot of great questions from some really smart people in the audience.

Emerging Themes

Digital is baked in to everything we do now, not tacked on. Digital is where our audiences live, so it’s where we live. To bear that out, one had only to look around the room while I gave my talk – almost everyone had 2 or more devices with them!

Related to that is the idea that we can target with incredible, unprecedented precision through digital. And through mobile, we can target not just people, but moments.

Another emerging theme is that we have to understand the patient journey so that we can take that ride with them. We need to understand what’s going on in their lives above and beyond their medical conditions, and learn how their conditions impact the other parts of their lives.

And finally, everyone seems to agree that no matter what you do, what channels you use, or who you target, you have to deliver something relevant, something the audience values, if you want to build a relationship. That is a lesson we should all take to heart!

About Tim R. Garde

Tim R. Garde is the Chief Operating Officer of Calcium and is relentless in his pursuit of excellence in life sciences communications. Tim couples decades of experience in brand launches, patient communications, healthcare professional initiatives, payer strategies, and retail distribution with a passion for digital innovation as a way to improve patient outcomes. Above all, Tim believes that a team-focused, collaborative approach allows team members to shine, and delivers the best value and quality to his client. Tim's industry leadership activities include being a member of The 2012 Top 100 Most Inspiring People in the Pharmaceutical Industry, PharmaVoice July/August 2012, and regular speaking/lecturer engagements regarding healthcare and digital marketing. Tim earned his BS degree at the Smeal College of Business, The Pennsylvania State University, and he also attended The Wharton School Executive Business Program. He currently serves on the Smeal Alumni Society Board and Board of Visitors for the Samson Colleges of Health Sciences, University of the Sciences.

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