Predictions of the reduced need for sales reps in the digital age have not come true. On day 2 of ePharma 2015, presentations highlighted the need for sales rep integration with digital marketing activities, especially in light of the increase in “low-see/no-see” targets. Rep-triggered emails were a hot topic among panelists and attendees.

Capitalize on Best Practices

Many companies have been adopting rep-triggered emails, but it’s clear that there are several keys to success. According to the panel discussion on sales rep integration, effective training is critical to a successful rollout. We spend a lot of time training reps on how to use the tools we give them from a functional standpoint. We need to ensure that we give them strategic guidance to identify the appropriate opportunity for deployment of these rep-triggered emails to their customers.

Panelists also discussed the importance of not sharing customer emails with Marketing. This violates the trust that the customer places in their rep. Rep-triggered emails should feel personal, as if the rep had drafted it themselves.

The panel said that we should ensure that the content we make available in the emails works best for the medium. Links to new or complex data that the rep might not have time to discuss in detail are great access points, as well as reference materials and video which generate customer interest.

In an era of tighter restrictions on sales rep access, it is critical to optimize tools such as these to help reps maintain their customer relationships. As ambassadors for the brand on the front lines, reps are still our best resource.

About Jessica McDevitt

Jessica is an Account Director at Calcium with over 12 years of healthcare agency experience. With a strong background in marketing specialty brands for orphan disease states, she is interested in the growing challenges of communicating with the HCP audience.

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