On the Kaiser Health News web site this week there is an interesting article about how some medical schools in the US have finally realized that there needed to be major changes in the ways in which physicians are trained, so that they can work efficiently and effectively in the world of modern, patient-centric, system-based health care as opposed to the paternalistic world of the doctor as sole practitioner and “doctor knows best”.

Medical training has changed little in the past 100 years (despite all the changes in medical knowledge and the practice of medicine), and skills like teamwork, collaboration, and communication have never previously been a significant component of medical education. Now things are starting to change … and one can only hope that this will bring us a new generation of physicians who are better able to work well together — with their patients and their colleagues — to optimize the quality of care that can be provided to individual patients.

Have a quick look at the KHN article. it’s worth the 3-minute investment.

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Mike Scott is a highly experienced health care communications strategist with Calcium. He is also a board member of three different patient advocacy organizations. To get more detail, see his profile on LinkedIn.

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