The Star Life Sciences Medical Monitor™ presents insights from our unique primary research. Want to see this research for yourself? Now you can! All of our site’s visitors can download the results of our structured interviews with patients and physicians.

Healthcare Communications Study Among Patients – How do patients learn and seek healthcare information? What influence does technology have on patient healthcare communication? Our Patient Healthcare Communications report explores the answers to these questions and more.

Healthcare Communications Study Among Physicians – Where do physicians get their information? What’s the best way to reach these important healthcare stakeholders? Find out with our Physician Healthcare Communications report.

MyMindSource™ — In partnership with Mental Health America, a leading organization that helps people live mentally healthier lives, Star Group has applied knowledge of communications to the field of mental health. Download this document to learn more.

Social Media White Paper — Confused about the FDA’s new draft guidelines on social media? Our white paper breaks down what your requirements and responsibilities are.

Over 100 Years of the FDA – Take a crash course in the history of the FDA with our info graphic.

FDA Gets Social – Analyzing the June 2014 FDA Draft Guidance on Social Media & Limited Character Count Platforms