Digital Pharm East: Workshop Day

I attended the Community Choice Awards luncheon where various companies were given deserved recognition for their social media efforts. These pioneers are helping patients with cancer, MS, and diabetes to name just a few. Patients with life-threatening diseases are constantly looking for information related to new therapies, new delivery systems, and ways to extend life. Watching a few such patients talk about their chronic illnesses and applauding the pharmaceutical industry for advances made over the past twenty years to prolong life in a meaningful way is a big reason why I stay in this industry. You can’t help but get emotionally charged when you hear stories like this.

While our industry is regulated in many ways, and rules keep changing, one thing does not change… seeing a smile from a patient who is thankful for our industry’s continued research and development—and feeling proud that to be a part of it.

Digital Pharma East : The Big Picture

There were so many incredible speakers from trail-blazing pharmaceutical, media, research, and even software companies at this year’s Digital Pharma East that no summary could do it justice. Nevertheless, I did see a common thread running through most of the presentations: Digital technology provides unique opportunities for us to add and potentially even improve outcomes. It is no longer enough to generate awareness and trial of a product or device; now we must embrace the opportunity to make a meaningful difference to prescribers, patients and caregivers. And we can do this by creating online communities, delivering timely and contextual information, helping patients manage pathophysiology and side effects, and many other ways. As we heard more than once, it’s time for our industry to go “beyond the pill.”

By Timmy Garde, Managing Partner

About Tim R. Garde

Tim R. Garde is the Chief Operating Officer of Calcium and is relentless in his pursuit of excellence in life sciences communications. Tim couples decades of experience in brand launches, patient communications, healthcare professional initiatives, payer strategies, and retail distribution with a passion for digital innovation as a way to improve patient outcomes. Above all, Tim believes that a team-focused, collaborative approach allows team members to shine, and delivers the best value and quality to his client. Tim's industry leadership activities include being a member of The 2012 Top 100 Most Inspiring People in the Pharmaceutical Industry, PharmaVoice July/August 2012, and regular speaking/lecturer engagements regarding healthcare and digital marketing. Tim earned his BS degree at the Smeal College of Business, The Pennsylvania State University, and he also attended The Wharton School Executive Business Program. He currently serves on the Smeal Alumni Society Board and Board of Visitors for the Samson Colleges of Health Sciences, University of the Sciences.

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