The courage to fail in order to innovate and ultimately succeed was a recurring theme at iPharma 2015—starting with former Olympian and Eagles football player Jeremy Bloom who talked about learning from his own failures to succeed in the world of athletics and business. Focus (more…)

Although a significant number of medical and technology researchers see smartphones as “health’s next frontier” — and they may well be right — to date we have limited data that allow us to make declarative statements about the value of the health apps people are (more…)

A slide set posted last week on the Medscape web site provides an interesting update on new and “soon to be new” wireless devices, apps, and services that the authors consider to be of significant or potentially significant value in oversight and management of a (more…)

Digital Pharma East: Main Conference Day 2 Ours is rapidly becoming an outcomes-based world. Lilly’s Yolanda Johnson-Moton kicked off the Patient Interaction & Customer Centricity track by exhorting us to carefully define goals before leaping to a tactical fix, because mere activity is no longer (more…)