About Caleb Freeman

Caleb brings 7 years of search engine optimization experience to the Calcium team. Connecting brand goals to a content strategy that meets customer needs is his passion. Relying on his background in web development he has developed tools for gauging organic search competition and streamlining keyword research. His technical background allows him to uncover and solve for the most complex search engine accessibility issues. He has worked with clients such as Astrazeneca, Abbvie, Pfizer, Mylan, Teva, and Reckitt Benckiser. In his free time he enjoys playing guitar, wakeboarding, motorcycles, and coding in JavaScript.
The courage to fail in order to innovate and ultimately succeed was a recurring theme at iPharma 2015—starting with former Olympian and Eagles football player Jeremy Bloom who talked about learning from his own failures to succeed in the world of athletics and business. Focus (more…)